Corporate Identity and Art direction

LOV-S is a premium knitwear brand which merges contemporary design with timeless handcrafted quality that transcends trends and time. LOV-S's design values are based on functionality as form that never loses its appeal. To create knitwear pieces that transcend trends and time. The balance creating a contemporary take on the essence of knitwear.
Photography: Sophie van der Perre. Stylist: Giuliano Bolivar. Make up and Grooming: Cnythia Schippers.


LOV-S is a premium knitwear brand which merges contemporary design with timeless handcrafted quality based in Amsterdam.

The Right to Copy.
Post Card, Self-initiated

A quote that followed me since I graduated school. What would Dutch Design have been without imitation? It would not exist. And today’s tools provide even more opportunity to copy. Not only that, they force you to copy. (Isn’t it weird that all designers work with the same software?) This is only the beginning. Strong design reproduces itself. Make sure your work will be copied. Stimulate your own imitators.

Svenskt Tenn 90 years anniversary book

Svenskt Tenn is the most prominent interior decoration firm in Sweden, found at the same address in Stockholm since 1927. I was fortunate to be part of Svneskt Tenn’s 90 years celebration book.

Visual Identity

Dwellers is a Stockholm based furniture boutique. Dwellers produces unique, one-off pieces of furniture that are handcrafted in Indonesia from reclaimed teak reclaimed from old boats and houses. All of their furniture has a beautiful patina that is proven to survive the test of time. Simple functional designs from upcycled wood makes up the majority of the product portfolio. Each piece is unique, and brings a contemporary touch to any style of interior design. The brand continually explores alternative reclaimed materials and methods of structuring, originating from one simple question: what is essential?

Wayfinding and Visual Identity

Waxholmsbolaget is responsible for public transport in Stockholm archipelago and Stockholm harbour. With its new branding system, we were to build and design a new station that started getting built at Gröna Lund. This included wayfinding system, rebranded print materials, and retail machines.
Together with a Swedish architect (Ljungh Arkitekter), we worked on getting the right wayfinding design under the new branding of Waxholmsbolaget, but also at the same time strictly following wayfinding's regulations. Gröna Lund, being one of the most touristic and crowded location, we carefully decided on colors, size, materials of signs.

Acne VIP card

Acne Studios VIP card with a new designed logo.

Made for Made by

Made for Made by is an annual fashion magazine dedicated to KABK Fashion departmen, and specially for the graduates. Every year it is designed by two graphic design students from KABK, and are distributed in the KABK fashion show. The magazines can be seen in local book stores and selected shops.

Just make it pretty (Thesis)

We are already aware of the concept of ‘Form follows Function’ but why do we keep seeing similar forms regardless the contents? Exposing that design is an outcome of series of stimuli and influences in certain specific contexts. Orginal design cannot exist, but only original context does. We should not try to see a designer's work as a unique statement, but as a comparative moment in time. Exploring and visual researching the power of trends, and relfect trend as a positive element. The thesis book is inspired by top 10 popular trends at the time.

Just make it pretty

Installation of a printer programmed to randomly print the 'Next Trend of 2015-2016'. The keyword is generated based on 60 important graphic design manifestos, manuscripts and articles. As each trend keyword is printed, it is stacked up to become the golden rule of the designers. Exaggerating the importance of the trend in the design scene, where all one designer needs to know is what the trend is, and nothing else matters.

Just make it pretty

A publication of all the designs whre I have asked designers and students all over the world to design a 'Pest Control' advertisement, but using certain trends in their own interepretation. Quite a lot of designers knew what I was up to, and on purpose, they created opposite to what they would usually create (based on their professional work). It was interesting how the designs still managed to look quite similar to each other despite the fact that the participants were from different countries.

Mapping out the Theory of trend

Trend, Why we do it? Mapping out the theory of trend in to a visual brainstorm.
It is planned to be hand out at the exhibition in July 2013.

Tops of building. Self-initiated

Having been taking photos of tops of buildings and documenting them on my online blog,
I thought I ought to make a book out of it. Since it is an on going project for me, and I would have to be constantly adding pages in between, (including the title pages) and the way I bound the book has to be able to taken apart. Each country gets its own design as a title page.

Bleed Bleed Bleed

Bleed Bleed Bleed by The Thieves like us. Record label design.

50/70 Whatever Poster

50/70 is a poster club in Stockholm, where several artists are invited to design a poster per month with a theme that is voted. 2011, May was about whatever. We decided that whatever is when we care and don’t care overlap.

Rich breakfast invitation.

RICHE is a restaurant in Stockholm where they launched a breakfast menu. The breakfast menu was mainly based on eggs, so we decided to have 'beaming eggs', as if the sun was rising in the morning.

This colour is blue

When at first a certain statement/situation is clearly false but repeated over and over again we start to eventually believe it. "A lie repeated many times it eventually becomes the truth".
A book portraying a false statement, but as it proceeds, the red starts to fade out slowly and the blue fades in, leaving only blue at the end.